Could you explain Molecular Farming and how it relates to your products?
Is your protein vegan?
Does PoLoPo's protein contain any hormones or antibiotics?
Is PoLoPo's protein gluten-free?
I have an egg allergy. Can I still consume products that contain your protein?
What is the meaning behind the name "PoLoPo"?
Are there any job openings at PoLoPo currently?
How can I get in touch with PoLoPo for further inquiries?
Can I partner with PoLoPo?
Can I invest in PoLoPo and be part of your success?
Is your product safe for consumption?
Are GMOs present in your product?
What are the benefits of using PoLoPo's protein in egg products?
How is PoLoPo's egg protein different from other plant-based alternatives?